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BAC for good…
by on April 13, 2015 9:35 AM in Artistic Directors Roland Smith

I would imagine that everyone who has worked or been a member of the audience at Theatre Delicatessen would have heard the devastating news about the recent fire at Battersea Arts Centre.

The good news is that Battersea Arts Centre is very much open for business – and the team there has asked us to help let everyone know.

Although the Grand Hall was destroyed, the main part of the building is functioning as ever.Chris Thorpe’s award winning ‘Confirmation’ is about to open and Chris Goode’s Stand opens towards the end of the month as part of ‘The Nation’s Theatre’ season. If there was ever a time to go and visit now is the time.

You can also buy tickets to the BAC Fundraiser which will take place at the South Bank.

It seems strange to use our newsletter to Photograph: Rexurge you to go to another theatre’s productions, but then it is hard to express how important BAC is to so many of us – the team at Theatre Delicatessen, the artists we work with and those who have inspired us to create the work we do.

For me personally, it was there that my eyes were opened to the expanse of what theatre and performance could be. It was there I learnt the importance of testing boundaries, challenging convention and, most importantly, how we can work together to support each other as artists . These are the values that still guide my work today.

Perhaps the easiest way to highlight the impact BAC has had is in that the first ‘Scratch Performance’  – a work-in-progress sharing of ideas – was staged there. The name was coined by Kazuko Hohki in an artist brainstorm meeting, changing forever how artists would talk about, and perhaps even develop, their work.

So without BAC arguably there would be no Scratch Performance. There would probably be no Gecko, no 1927, no PunchDrunk, no Fuel, no Sound and Fury, no Will Adamsdale, no Melanie Wilson, no China Plate – or at least there would be, but they wouldn’t be the artists we know them as today. There certainly wouldn’t be a Jerry Springer The Opera And I’m pretty sure there wouldn’t be a Theatre Delicatessen.

David Jubb, BAC’s Artistic Director has outlined 6 ways in which you can help BAC. Most importantly you can help us spread the word that this vital building remains open, that it is still staging groundbreaking work and that the best way you can support the future of British theatre is by buying a ticket to one of their shows.

I look forward to seeing you there.

Roland Smith

Co-Artistic Director

Theatre Delicatessen

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