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START DATE: March 16, 2015
END DATE: May 30, 2015
TIME: 20 Min Appointments
LOCATION: 119 Farringdon Road
VENUE: Installation Room 1, Theatre Delicatessen
Alternative Dream Therapy with Dr Stratus 

Presented by NapTrap

Tickets £10/£8

(Immersive Installation/Performance)

It is well known that everyone needs therapy, because everyone is abnormal, strange and rather perverted. Regular therapy is all well and good, but do you not realise we spend almost half our life asleep??? If you really want to balance your emotional well being, YOU NEED DREAM THERAPY! Dr Stratus is here, fashionably weird and borderline -what on earth was that- he is clearly more than qualified* to take you on an emotional roller-coaster through your subconscious.

Sessions are 30minutes, and private… just YOU, Dr Stratus and your dreams. Return visits are recommended to achieve the best results (although let’s face it, you are probably a lost cause).

*Dr Stratus is not a real doctor, nor is he in fact real, he is imaginary, perhaps you dreamed him, are you even awake right now? Sounds like you could do with some therapy.

Co-produced by NapTrap and Theatre Delicatessen, Performed and conceived by Matthew Kaltenborn. Alternative Dream Therapy is an installation performance; and an experiment in audience participation in immersive theatre practice. The immersive structure is used to create a dream-like state of perception; where logic is surpassed by sensation: allowing the audience member to openly explore Dr Stratus’ nonsensical world in the same manor as they would their own dream. Drawing from Kaltenborn’s research into procedural authorship in audience participation, the piece tries to tailor itself to the needs of each audience member; giving them a completely personalised journey, that can continue with every visit.

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Lighting: Jessica H H Yun
Set Design: Matthew Kaltenborn
Sound: Harrison Lee

Special thanks to:
Annabel Morley, Hannah Anketell (& Nomad Studios), Joe Thorpe, Joe Iredale and the Theatre Delicatessen Staff.


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