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START DATE: January 21, 2017
END DATE: January 22, 2017
TIME: 6:00 pm
LOCATION: Old Library, 39 Wells Way, London SE5 0PX

Due to popular demand – we’ve added another date. Book now to avoid disappointment!

A scratch night of theatre inspired by moments when real-life passes the Bechdel test.

Join Bechdel Theatre in Theatre Delicatessen’s cosy new home in Burgess Park for a glimpse of close bonds and intimate conversations between real women.

Bechdel Theatre asked women to send us home-made recordings of important conversations with their female friends and family members. They gave their recordings to writers and directors, who took inspiration from their words and relationships to create an evening of theatre that combines verbatim conversations with original new writing.

Chase away the post-Christmas blues with a festive drink or 2, and carry on the conversation with your fellow Bechdel-testers after the performances, in a feminist-friendly space for creative minds to meet.


Female followers, we need YOU to record important conversations in your life that pass the Bechdel Test (women talking about something that’s not a man*) for a theatre project to be staged in January.

Take some time to sit down and talk face-to-face with another woman who’s important to you (could be a family member, friend, frenemy, partner, inspiration, teacher – whoever springs to mind and is willing**). The topic is your choice – it could be an elephant in the room that you’ve never discussed, you could give them a piece of news, or reflect on a shared memory. If possible, try and imagine you’re not being recorded – don’t censor yourself or stop and start again. Keep the tape rolling to capture a little slice of reality. Don’t worry about mumbling, stumbling, farting, coughing or any other background noise. It’s all authentic!

Record the conversation on a phone/tablet/laptop (or all 3 so you have backup!) and send it to before January 1st.

We will then give the conversations to a carefully selected team of writers, directors, and actors, who will use them to make a piece of theatre, to be staged in London in 2017.

Your words may be staged verbatim (as recorded) OR provide inspiration for a brand new story and characters. They may be given a new context that doesn’t relate to the original relationship or topic – so while our writers will treat your contribution with respect for its real-life origin, they may interpret it however they wish – and re-write your situation as something completely imaginary.


  • Let us know whether or not you would like to be credited
  • Whether you are happy for us to play the recording to an audience as part of the piece.
  • If you prefer to remain as anonymous as possible, your conversation will be transcribed by one of us (they’ll be sworn to secrecy).
  • We can change the names of any people and places mentioned to protect identities at your request.

* Don’t worry about this too much – a mention of a guy here and there is fine, as long as a man isn’t the main topic of conversation, the point is to hear women’s voices talking about a wide variety of subjects!

** Make sure whoever you’re talking to is clear about what the recording will be used for – it’s your responsibility to properly inform them of the project – you might want to show them this page.

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