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START DATE: November 26, 2015
END DATE: December 18, 2015
LOCATION: Theatre Delicatessen, 119 Farringdon Road, London EC1R 3DA

26 November – 18 December 2015

Private View 26 November, 6PM – 9PM

Reflecting upon our own mortality, and the terrors and desires that drive us

In the former home of The Guardian, three artists, Lora Hristova, Jess Littlewood and Elena Stevanoska, explore the motive of sex, the impulse of fear and inevitability of death in a multi-disciplinary exhibition. Tapping into the psychology of human desire and repulsion, FEAR.DEATH.SEX plays with notion of the beautiful nightmare, as desire becomes tainted and taboo is made alluring.

Stevanoska’s artistic practice and process is reflective of society’s obsessional relationship with death. Underneath the imagery of destruction, an element of the ceremonial resounds in her art, whilst focusing on the stillness of demise. This work is a morbid view into the very human and timeless fascination with decay, as well as into the personal and solitary intimacies of death.

Through delicate manipulation and fragmentation of found imagery, Littlewood creates strange yet familiar landscapes that act as testing grounds, playing host to discoveries, rituals and exploitations in humanity’s struggle for power, knowledge, understanding and order.

Hristova’s work is influenced by research in to the sex industry and the ambiguities of desire. Complicating pleasure and pushing sensuality to uncomfortable extremes, her exploration of intimacy and objectification revolves around the many contradictions of human sexuality.

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