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START DATE: March 31, 2015
END DATE: April 1, 2015
TIME: 7:30 pm
LOCATION: 119 Farringdon Road
VENUE: The Black Box, Theatre Delicatessen

By Eleanor Zeal

7.30 – 9.30pm


Chain them! Blame them! Make them wear bonnets!

THEATRE CADDIS invites you to a reading of Eleanor Zeal’s new play
7.30 pm Tues March 31 and Wed April 1 2015
in the Black Box Theatre

Award winning playwright and performer Eleanor Zeal invites you to join the First (Active) Jane Eyre Convention, West Norwood (twinned with nowhere), in its celebration of one of English literature’s most enduring voices: the tremulous but powerful flutings of Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre.

Join the assorted waifs and strays that find a voice under the guiding hand of a ‘professional’ Jane Eyre – a woman with 25 years’ experience of the role under her crinoline. Rub shoulders with John, who ‘started confidently cross-dressing at age 32’ but who ‘only wanted to wear Jane Eyre dresses’. And Jane Air, who’s there ‘by mistake’. Then there’s Janice, who seems to have escaped from ‘an insecure, secure psychiatric setting’, alongside Tom who, like Jane Eyre, fell for an unattainable man – but in his case, he’s still waiting.

Meanwhile, the real Jane Eyre wafts through it all, re-living her inspiring narrative as, amidst torn wedding veils and flutterings of the heart, six devoted Jane Eyre-ites come together, each in search of her – or his – inner heroine, with unexpected results.

What the critics said about Zeal’s previous work

‘One of the best premieres by a young company I’ve seen in years. Deservedly they got a Fringe First…’ City Limits

‘This play, the product of Eleanor Zeal’s wild and genius imagination, deserves all the credit it can get’. What’s On

‘No company touches Theatre Caddis for wackiness on a shoestring.….’ The Independent

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