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START DATE: July 15, 2016
END DATE: July 15, 2016
TIME: 7:30 pm
LOCATION: 17 The Moor, S1 4PF
VENUE: Moor Theatre Delicatessen
Lung Theatre presents: Dolly Wants to Die 

Dolly is a potty-mouthed, chain-smoking, whiskey-swigging china doll. She can sing, she can dance, she can throw a tea party like a bitch – she can do anything the kids she looks after could ever want. But Dolly can’t do the one thing that she really wants: Dolly can’t die.

With no skin to cut, no lungs to pop and no heart to stop, every attempt on her life fails drastically. Dolly is determined that with some assistance she could manage it: someone to run her over with the toy tractor, or help her in the bed-time-bath with the toaster. But her only friend is a drug-loving, DJ-ing Bear. Normally, walk through a forest, meet a bear, you don’t even have to ask… but Mr Bear is a die-hard pacifist who believes in ‘beats not bombs.’

The first generation to grow up poorer than their parents, having to coach kids from childhood to adulthood is now a cynical job for Dolly. Much like the kids she looks after, love has turned to hate, ambition has turned to pessimism and any chance of happiness has become heavily dependenton Xanax.

This doll is done with playing nice. Determined to die, Dolly begins to rope in the audience – sometimes, literally – in her unstoppable quest to be dead. Will you help her to die? Or will you manage to convince her that life is worth living?

Presenting first world problems in an imaginary world, this offbeat comedy is a modern Toy Story for the Prozac generation. Through story-telling, dance and standup, Dolly Wants to Die explores the peril of entering adulthood and what an absolute ball ache it is staying alive.

Director Matt Woodhead said: “A vital piece of political, but also hilarious, new writing, that chimes with our generation of theatre goers.”

Written and performed by Helen Monks, Germaine in channel 4’s ‘Raised by Wolves’.

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