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START DATE: May 24, 2017
END DATE: May 24, 2017
TIME: 7:30 pm
LOCATION: 17 The Moor, S1 4PF
VENUE: Theatre Delicatessen Sheffield
Something Terrible Might Happen 


Be afraid. Be VERY afraid. Is exactly what Matt and Nat feel like they’re being told every single day. And despite that very clear instruction they’re asking you to leave the house (scary), sit in a room full of other people (terrifying) some of whom you won’t already know (even worse), to see an interactive show involving; knocking on doors, phone calls and Guess Who? (AAAAAAARRRGH!).

If the world is as petrifying as we’re told it is: How can we trust anyone? How can we ever be safe? Maybe it’s time to take action. What’s the worst that could happen? Oh yeah. Something terrible.

SOMETHING TERRIBLE MIGHT HAPPEN, is an interactive comedy show about fear in its many guises; the ways in which fear can give us pleasure, how it can be damaging, and to what extent we all live in a state of anxiety, fuelled by media misinformation and an innate, evolutionary predisposition to self-preservation.

Part theatre, part stand up, part childish prank by people old enough to know better, Something Terrible Might Happen is a night of laughing in the face of fear, knocking on the doors of strangers and embracing all that we’re afraid of.

Uncanny Theatre

Uncanny Theatre is the name that we give to the ideas that fall out of the heads of Matt Rogers and Natalie Bellingham when they get together. Typically this ‘stuff’ is made up of visually exciting comedy shenanigans about really important things, done in such a way that we’re all in on the stupidity.

The performances we make are playfully absurd, visually arresting and gloriously low-tech. We’re interested in the anomalies of everyday life and pushing the logic of those oddities to its limit; just to see what will happen. At the heart of it all we not scared to be silly with big ideas.  We believe that if something is important, it’s important enough to be funny.

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