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START DATE: July 14, 2015
END DATE: July 18, 2015
TIME: 6:00 pm
LOCATION: 17 The Moor, Theatre Delicatessen, Sheffield, S1 4PF
VENUE: Theatre Delicatessen Sheffield
The Gods of Pick ‘n’ Mix 

You’ve mowed the lawn for weeks, washed the pots, scrimped and saved. You catch the bus to town with a pocket full of coins. You head to Woolworths.

The blast of the heater hits you. Crossing the wooden floor, you survey your kingdom of wonders: every kind of pop, every sweet, every CD single, the lightbulb for the upstairs loo that Mum says don’t forget. Lego and Airfix and best of all, that thing you saw on the advert.

Here, you are the God of pick ‘n’ mix.

Here, you can buy your dreams.

‘The Gods of Pick ‘n’ Mix’ is a new piece of theatre taking place in the basement of the old Woolworths on the Moor in Sheffield. Offering you the chance to head behind the scenes of the much-loved store, the piece explores the unique place Woolworths still holds in many people’s hearts and the brutality of its sudden disappearance both for customers and staff. Navigating loss, aspiration and nostalgia, ‘The Gods of Pick ‘n’ Mix’ asks: what can we really know about a thing, or a person, once they’re gone?

In making the show, Sad Siren Theatre gave pick ‘n’ mix to the people of Sheffield in exchange for their stories, memories and recollections of the old store.

‘The Gods of Pick ‘n’ Mix’ is supported by Arts Council England and Theatre Delicatessen.

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